Business Educational Speaker Series

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This program, born out of our community’s participation in the Growth in the Rural Ozarks program, is being developed for four primary reasons:

1. Education: Through our regional economic development efforts, we have identified a need to help our local business owners access more impactful business-related information.

2. Collaboration and Customization: We also recognize that, individually, our communities are small and limited in our resources. So we are partnering with neighboring communities to jointly develop a program that is customized to our unique needs.

3. Action: Our speakers will include people who have “been there and done that.” They have had real-life, practical experiences.

4. Impact : We also aspire to provide our business leaders free and easy to use tools that you would be able to apply into your business the very same day.

What can you expect:

  • An opportunity to learn business concept
  • Opportunity to access free or low cost tools
  • Access to business experts who could provide you on-going support and guidance.

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All events will be recorded and made available one week after the event

Previous Session

Webinar: September 16, 2021, | The Hidden Gold Mine: Young Leaders Transforming Rural
Our Guest: Chad And Nicole Bryan, Owners/Operators Market 116 Home Store & Event Venue

Webinar: August 19, 2021, | Women Leaders Transforming Rural America. Our Guest: Ronessa Williams Mom, Creative Entrepreneur, Passionate Community Leader

Webinar: July 15, 2021, | Make your business more bankable and attain new heights. Lisa Zimmerman, Economic Inclusion Director, New Growth.

Webinar: June 17, 2021, | Business networking event! Meet business leaders just like yourself, share ideas, learn and grow.

Webinar: May 20, 2021, | Accessing Covid Funding for Small Businesses: It's Easier than you think.
Lauren Carter,
Center Director,
Missouri SBDC at LU

Webinar: April 15, 2021, | How small business leaders can best take advantage of The Chamber's Health Insurance Plan.
Tammy Long,
Director Missouri,
Chamber Federation

Webinar: March 18, 2021, | So you have hired the what?
Gary Watts,
General Manager,
Pretium Packaging

Webinar: February 18, 2021, | Ways to keep businesses alive during COVID
Brandon Welsh,
President & Chief of Strategy,
Frank & Maven

Webinar: January 21, 2021, | Community Engagement: Applying lessons from the private sector (Bass Pro)
Callie Myers,
Carthage Visitors Bureau Previously Bass Pro Marketing Manager

Webinar: November 19, 2020, | Coping with COVID: Managing Business Leader Mental Health
Amy Bartels,
Field Specialist in Human Development & Family Science Mu Extension

Webinar: October 15, 2020, |What consumers really want
Stephanie Garland,
Better Business Bureau Springfield Regional Director

Webinar: September 17, 2020, |Making the Wurst of a Bad Situation
Mike Sloan,
Owner of Hermann Wurst Haus

Webinar: August 20, 2020, |What Lies Ahead for Businesses
Dan Mehan,
CEO & President,
Missouri Chamber of Commerce

Webinar: July 16, 2020, |Business Legal Implications and Risk
Travis A. Elliott,
Ellis, Ellis, Hammons & Johnson, P.C.

Webinar: June 18, 2020, |Business Financial considerations
Justin Patterson,
Grey Oak Financial, LLC

Webinar: June 11, 2020, |Legal Outlook for Small and Mid-Size Businesses in Missouri
Matt Panik,
V.P. of Governmental Affairs

Webinar: May 21, 2020, | Journey and confessions of a small rural-town business owner
Pati Sigman,
Founder, Pencil Skirts by Pati

Webinar: April 16, 2020, |Make social media marketing work for Your business
Lance Coffman
Business Consultant, Mo SBDC (MSU)

Webinar: March 19, 2020, |Driving small town entrepreneurship
Rachel Anderson
Director, efactory (MSU)

Webinar: November 21, 2019, |Starting a Business or Non-Profit Organization
Travis A.Elliott
Ellis, Ellis, Hammons & Johnson, P.C.

Webinar: October 17, 2019, |Finding and Keeping Good People.
Brandon Welsh
President & Chief of Strategy,
Frank & Maven

Webinar: September 19, 2019, |How can business and community leaders help advance their communities?
Teresa Snyder, Executive Director
Missouri Community Betterment

Webinar: August 22, 2019, |Mobilizing for 2020 US Census: A local economic opportunity.
Jason Ray - Director,SMCOG

Webinar: June 20, 2019, |How to launch and expand your virtual business on Amazon.
Neel Kumar-CEO & Founder at ITIS Inc.

Webinar: May 16, 2019, | Looking to Lead : How informed citizenry can drive economic growth.
Presented by Scott Meyer-City Manager of Cape Girardeau

Webinar: April 25, 2019, | How Missouri S&T Small Business Development Center can help you boost your small business!
Presented by Karen Leatherman & Travin Shelton

Webinar: March 21, 2019, | MO DED: Your best small business partner!
Presented by Luke Holtschneider

Webinar: February 21, 2019, | How small businesses can win with Technology!
By Scott Jones

Webinar: November 15, 2018, | Transform your business from a cash-eating monster to a money-making machine.
By Hrishue Mahalaha

Webinar: October 18, 2018, | Eleven legal mistakes business owners make.
By Michele Marxkors Kelsaw

Webinar: September 20, 2018, | Managing business ethics and legal risks in an increasingly volatile world.
By Bob Stephens

Webinar: August 16, 2018 | Driving profits through targeted Marketing and Sales.
By Tim Smith

Webinar: July 19, 2018 | How can your business benefit from our local economic development efforts. By Hrishue Mahalaha